Apostolski staž novakinja u provincijama

Dear sisters, it's time for some news from the novitiate.
This days novices will left in their provinces for one month of apostolic experiences in their provinces. I will also go in my province for holidays. During this time I'll spent one week in Poland in the community of postulate. (We expect that four of their postulants will come in Rome in August.) Novices will come back in the end of June. With Sr. Sara will come postulant Veronika from Slovakia. We are happy for growing community.  Sr. Zdenka has one month more for her study then she will visit her province in July. Rest of us we will move in "summer novitiate" in Fondi.

We are very happy that during this year we got a contact with another English Speaking International Novitiate - Servants of Holy Spirit. We have had three meetings so far. First, the introductory meeting was in our house then we had two days -  intercultural topic in their house organised by their sisters. We have had three meetings in our house on the subject of human development.
Our novices began to go on a regular basis to their convent or they came here for bible sessions provided by seminarians from the Scots College. We have asked for this to be continued in October.
It is good news that some congregations are planning to start English speaking Novitiates in Rome which could give us even more opportunity for collaboration which so far we have found very useful and good.
In Holy week we were happy to meet Lucia -candidate from Czech Republic. She was in Rome for student's meeting and she has time to visit us.
We thank you for all your prayers, greetings and cards which reach us in many ways. With love from the novitiate!